Explosion in Disneyland California, Toontown Evacuated

disneyland Explosion in Disneyland California, Toontown Evacuated

Explosion in Disneyland precisely occurred in the area of Mickey’s Toontown. Visitors were evacuated, lucky no one was hurt.¬†Disneyland is a dream playground built by cartoonist Walt Disney scattered in various places in the world

The explosion in Disneyland occurred on Tuesday, May 28, 2013 around 17:30 local time. One visitor, Shawna Gonzales immediately tweeted the incident. “I sat in Toontown at Disneyland, and something exploded in the trash. I could hear sound. Toontown was closed,” she said via Twitter.

Disneyland parties states explosion may occur because of the dry ice in or near the trash can. Sergeant Robert Dunn of the Anaheim Police Department said, fortunately no visitors were injured by the explosion. “As a follow up we have evacuated Toontown,” he said in the LA Times as reported by the Australian News

Dry ice, added Robert Dunn, seems to be in a plastic bottle. When Explosion in Disneyland took place, there is also a firefighter and bomb disposal squad from the Orange County Sheriff’s Department. Disneyland Resort via his Twitter account was appealed, visitors could come back in a few hours. “Sweep has completed. Mickey’s Toontown confirmed safe. Visitors are allowed to re-enter,” as their tweets. “No visitors were injured, and no damage. We are currently working with various parties who are now in the scene to conduct the examination,” said Disneyland Resort in next tweet.

Image Source : discoverdisney.wordpress.com

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